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The CNTRL Module is designed to allow us to remotely log into systems and troubleshoot errors. Utilizing our ©Master CNTRL Program to interact with the systems software, information is retrieved in real time and displayed to be reviewed on the CNTRL Panel


A custom web portal designed to show detailed and organized information from multiple sites on a single page. We give you CNTRL of your sites to enhance your service capabilities. Have complete transparency of your systems health at your fingertips


Our 20+ years of combined knowledge and experience go into every system and computer we support. Our ethics, quality of work, and accountability have helped us create long-lasting relationships within the medical imaging community

Why Choose Us


We have been servicing and repairing Medical Imaging systems for over 15 years and have supported the imaging community through equipment installation, de-installation, remote services, repairs, and technical support


We strive to find new ways to make service and repairs easier for the industry by adapting and applying today’s technology to our work. With our programming and repairs done in house, we raise the bar in quality and accountability


Reduce downtime and keep track of your Magnets Vitals with our SMS Alerts and CNTRL Panel services. We give you the ability to start diagnosing your systems immediately


With a large quantity of computers and their components on hand, we provide fast and reliable repair services for multiple generations. Our methods over the past 5 years have maintained a 1% Return rate


ACD came from the demand of quality support and repairs. Our knowledge of computers and software has always been known throughout the industry as top-level service. With such a large demand for the support we could provide, we knew that being more than your typical repair company would just not do. Over the past 5 years we have been providing tech-support, parts, and repairs to many service companies throughout the United States as well as internationally. We have evaluated multiple companies core inventory to help them bring costs down as well as provide dependable repairs for their sales and services. There is a great need to provide a quality repair option for companies to consider when replacing a computer. We will always believe that every company should be able to repair their own equipment to alleviate the costs of the exchange market and hope to partner with anyone who believes the same. 

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