What is the CNTRL Panel?

Our CNTRL Panel is a secure website accessed only via an encrypted VPN connection that allows you to monitor and review your sites whenever necessary. Whether you have a dedicated support team or monitor your systems yourself, we offer you live data from all your sites on a single webpage. Each of your sites has a dedicated dashboard making it easy to view the status and health of your system. 

All from your Desktop or Mobile Device

Magnet Monitor Dashboard

This Dashboard provides all the same live stats you would view on-site from a Magnet Monitor and notifies you of alarms via SMS. View live data to monitor your magnet’s cryogen levels and statistics without replacing or changing any of your current equipment.

MM Live Data | MM Minute Data | MM Config | MM Analog and Digital Values | MM Info | MM Event Logs

MRI / CT System Dashboard

The system dashboard is a new and innovative tool that gives you access to your system software’s critical information.  With this information at your fingertips, you can view error logs, system component statuses, provide remote support to an engineer onsite, and more.  With the System Dashboard, you can improve your current service capabilities and offer more support for your customer.

MRI System Dashboard

Systems Info | System Options | Guided Install | Host Info | Site Configuration | VRE Info | Error Logs

CT System Dashboard

Next Exam # | Tube Counts | Gantry Revolutions | DIP Errors | Software Revision| DAS Info | PDU Info

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