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We have provided national and international support for MRI and CT systems for over 15 years. Through this time, we have helped service engineers diagnose the most complicated problems and built a reputation as a computer and software support leader. Our first-hand experience with MRI and CT systems and our knowledge of their software has given us the upper hand when troubleshooting. Whether you are a loyal customer or new, we treat each support call as if the equipment was our own and are committed to providing you with a solution for any problem.


We carry a large inventory of computers and their components to provide a fast and reliable repair solution. We provide you with a detailed report of our evaluation on most computers within the first 48 hours. You can then decide on an option that suits your needs. Our repair services allow you to have your computers on hand when needed. This alleviates the need to purchase a computer at a much higher price on exchange and wait for it to arrive.


Here at ACD, we constantly find new and better methods to test computers and their components correctly and accurately. Each component is individually tested to ensure it meets or exceeds industry specifications. Our components are then tested on a live test bay for a final inspection. With our method, you are reassured that your computer has passed our rigorous testing and has performed live diagnostics or scans before receiving it.

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